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Welcome! Here is a sample of some
past personal digital projects.

Party Search Engine (Light/Mobile Version)

Odisco is a portable guide to music related events from around the world. The sorted content display in the style of a search engine is a new concept in this product category. Designed as a progressive web app, the main objective was to solely implement essential functions to maximize usability on smart devices. The claim was "wherever you are, Odisco always provides you with plenty of options to spend your free time".

Global Events Calendar (Full/Desktop Version)

Overave is an event application and distribution platform that is geared to party seekers as well as business users. With a set of relevant features it enables qualified database searches and includes professional use cases on desktop machines. Content-wise, Overave and Odisco were likely the most comprehensive calendars for music related events on a global scale.

Custom Blog CMS

Splitney is an easy content management system for blogs that is scalable to different web publishing requirements. This demo version provides a basic framework with a distinct layout of core functionalities. In the meantime it's occasionally used as a blogging platform. • Timo Schwandt

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